Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's On My Bench

I have spent most of the week working on a number of "Just because you love me" pieces. These are the pieces you make for family. I started the week with four and am now down to one!

I also started a new skill set this week. I am teaching myself to do filigree.

My first attempt at filigree. I need to use less solder.
The filigree work hasn't been done in the true sense of the word since I didn't use twisted wire. While it presented a number of problems, I am quite pleased with the results and am learning a considerable amount.

My second attempt:
I will have to go back and work on the bezel of the faceted stone on this piece.
When I got to the third piece I decided to add a prong setting for the faceted stone. Since I am unwilling to do step soldering, I had to rethink this design. Each attempt I made at attaching the prong setting to the filigree presented a new problem. Ultimately I decided to go with a bezel setting.
I am very pleased with the final product here.
This items aren't available in my shop yet. I am in the process of making my shop over and will add them as positions becomes available. I am looking to achieve more of a gallery feel to my shop. I hope you will check in there to watch my progress.


  1. These are all yummy, but my fave it the pink one with the citrine.

  2. i love your blog! hope you can come and visit my blog sometime; or enter my giveaway.  have a good weekend, zsara xo

  3. Congratulations for your work, it was cute, I liked it ... Do not worry about the large amount of welding, we will improve with time, I also have problem with solder pins. . A hug.