Thursday, January 13, 2011

Retooling and seeking my Muse

It happens to every creative soul you know. Their Muse goes on an extended vacation.

On December 23, 2010, my Muse packed her bags, flipped me off, screamed something at me that contained the "F" word and slammed the door on the way out!

Im not sure what I did to offend her. Maybe I over worked her over the holidays. It wasn't intentional, there was lots to be done! Maybe it was stress. We did have a lot of guests. Maybe it was just the holidays in general. There is a tremendous amount of activity involved. Or, maybe she was overwhelmed by all the new tools I bought and was given. I just cant put my finger on it.

This piece was ok, but certainly not "inspired".
Ive tried working without her. I thought she might see how much fun I was having without her, decide she'd been too hasty and come back. Alas, that didn't work. Ive posted her pictures on milk cartons, cereal boxes and hung signs around the neighborhood. Nothing. I suspect she may be hanging out at my friends house because they are redoing their interior. The work is moving along rather quickly, so I'm sure they wont let me know if that's where shes hiding.

Im posting this note, in hopes that if any of you see her or hear from her, you will pass it along:

Dear Musey Muse, (Thats what I call her)
I have missed you so much! If you will PLEASE just come back, I PROMISE!!, I'll do more of the work! I will sketch more, play more and take over as much as I can. I will work to learn new things, try not to worry about the price of the silver I'm ruining, or tell you to "get off your lazy ass and get busy" any more. Ive been a bad partner and I acknowledge that.
I love you, I need you, and I am NOTHING without you!
All My Love,
G-pers (Thats what she calls me)

PLEASE, pass my message on to her.


  1. Just go with it. She'll come back at some point. Don't force it but try sketching or just walking or doing anything that normally would give you inspiration.

    I like the letter. If I see her, I'll let her know you miss her.

  2. Ah- I hate when the muses go on vacation. Don't worry, she'll be back and she'll be rested and ready to inspire :)

  3. Don't you find that usually when the muse returns after a long vacation that she has incredible ideas? Hope she comes back soon for you!

  4. Mine has gone on vacation too. Maybe they are together having a great time. Let's hope they come back soon.

  5. Yeah, she'll be back. Maybe she wants you to take a little break as well. You'll both come back when it's the right time.

  6. Haha, I love this. Perhaps our muses have run off together?

  7. I wonder if she is hibernating or taking a tropical vacation?

  8. Oh Gaynor - I have laughed my ass off here :-)
    Of cause I know it too -actually yesterday she seemed to have walked out on me. However, once I gave up and just started surfing on Etsy, she rushed back in and I was suddenly finding myself working. A fickle thing, that muse, but oh do we love her...