Wednesday, January 5, 2011

'Ugly Boleyn???'

Even though I was born in England, Ive never had any interest in English History. (YAWN) Recently that changed when I watched 'The Tudors'. I LOVED the story (however improvised for this series) of Henry VIII and his six wives. BUT, more than the story....I LOVED the jewelry!!! Everyone wore it! Men in HUGE chains, women in multiple chains and pendants, rings, rings and more rings!! I was inspired!
The cast of 'The Tudors' season 2
 I created my own 'Tudors' piece. Or at least I "thought" it was a 'Tudors' inspired piece...

Now all of a sudden I am obsessed with all things 'Tudor'! I'm researching the British Monarchy, I'm watching documentaries and any movie I can think of to see more of this jewelry! Thats when it crushing realization.....
'The Other Boleyn Girl'-notice Natalie Portman's necklace
these are movie and television prop, not replicas of actual pieces!!! How do I know?

America Ferrera as Ugly Betty
WELL, unless this is the "other", other Boleyn girl.....

I haven't really suffered a huge loss. I was inspired to make my own inspired piece and I'm of the opinion that it came out quite nice. Now I have to ask...What inspires you?


  1. Good story. Everything inspires me. It changes from day to day, but I guess the biggest ones are modern lines, stones that I use, and fantasy stories.

  2. Ha!!! Good one :-) I agree, the jewelry in The Tudors was awesome. And to think that jewelry was made back then without flexshafts. How did they do it?

  3. This is great Gaynor! I did notice the B pendant both in Betty and The Other Boleyn girl but I didn't think about that they were so similar! Lol!

  4. I loved the Tudors series too Gaynor. I was intrigued by the jewelry in the series too, especially those huge chains and pendants. I also love reading the Philippa Gregory books. A lot of it is fiction but based on history. I'm fascinated with English history.

  5. The Tudors did have great jewelry.

  6. Maybe I need to go find that series in DVD...
    LOVE your necklace!!

  7. Wow, good spot, I probably would never have noticed they were the same! Regardless, your piece is lovely. I might have to check out that show!